Sunday, September 2, 2012

Working Woman!

Well, I'm a working woman again. 

I had to take a forced break during the summer (perfect timing!) since I had a temp position, but now I'm back working for the University of Illinois. I received a promotion and was made a regular, permanent employee as iFoundry Program Coordinator (see our website here). I work 3/4 time (to you non-academic folks that's 30 hrs. a week). :)

It's a challenging transition to make, even from working 20 hours a week last year, but I'm very grateful. We need the money (short term: bills, bills, bills, long term: Aaron goes on a mission in about 4 years!?!), and the job is a good one with a good bosses and even though in my ideal world I wouldn't need to work, but since I do, I'm grateful to have this position. Plus, when you feel Heavenly Father leading you in a certain direction and you know it's what he wants for you and your just do it and I'm jumping in and going to have fun doing it!

Couple of tidbits:
- I had to move buildings. It was like going from a 5 star hotel to a 3 star (there's a lock and chain on the office fridge??) but everyone's so nice so no complaints

- I got to clean, reorganize and redecorate my new space! (and get paid for it, too)

- I got a new PC with two 24" screens, and got to keep the Mac, too. Harry, one of the professors in my office suite said, "He with the most monitors wins!"   I guess I win. :)

- I work within the College of Engineering (iFoundry is kind of it's own thing, not a true COE dept. but anyway), which ranks #6 in the country for undergraduate engineering (some individual depts. rank higher, like Civil Engineering which is #2)

- I'm home by 3:30pm. Not a lot of "me time" these days, but I get home not too long after the kids get home from school, and that's a good thing. 

I gotta say, weekends now take on a whole new meaning!