Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Family Update

Eric: Because of the early spring weather, it meant that mushroom-hunting came early, too. Here's Eric at his mom's house after finding tons of morel mushrooms. The kids hate all mushrooms except these (of course, dipping them in flour and frying them in 100% butter doesn't hurt either...). Eric just loves this time of year.

Me: This is my portrait that was taken for work that will end up on the "who we are" page for the new website I'm working on organizing/designing. I think it's funny how the lighting erased all of my freckles!

My friend Alysa has this really great book blog called (click HERE to visit EVEREAD), where she gives insightful and witty reviews on the books she reads and other book related activities. I recently designed a logo for her blog!

Other: I'm trying to not be so busy but things are too busy right now. I haven't blogged since Feb., and this post is taking me about a week to do. Work, Stake Relief Society (big Women's Conference coming up), birthdays, a baptism coming up, boy scout requirements, etc. etc. I need a vacation!! (all by myself). 

Aaron: Aaron just finished writing and illustrating a 63 page comic called "Shredded Metal". He stars in it, too. It's pretty cool!--and it's the longest comic he's done to date.

Sophia: Sophia's either hot (I-love-you-everything-is-dandy) or cold (leave-me-alone-why-are-you-bothering-me??). This picture was taken in one of her cold moods! I wanted to take a picture of her with her brace on--she fractured her thumb falling off of our slide in the backyard last week. No cast needed, just another 4 weeks of wearing the brace.

In other news, she's turning 12 and will start Young Women on Sunday! 

Oh, and here's a portrait of our family done by Sophia on her toes (from tallest to shortest--Eric, Aaron, me, Sophia, Dillon). What a talented child.

Dillon: Dillon turned 8! Here he is with his lightsaber cake (and I just noticed, a Star Wars shirt as well). He'll be baptized in a couple of weeks. 

Dillon got his first pet after turning 8. It sure is hard to get a hamster to stay still for a picture! Here's Rhino, the black bear hamster. Dillon's doing a good job taking care of him so far.

Other: On a recent temple trip to St. Louis, we stopped by the Butterfly House.

It really was like walking around inside a Disney film--we were surrounded by butterflies flying all around us!

Plus, it was "Morpho March", so there were 3000 of these Blue Morpho Butterflies there that day!

That's the update from us! Enjoy it--I may not get to another post for awhile. :)