Saturday, February 25, 2012

Funny Things Dillon Says Part 2

After telling Dillon to go to his room for being naughty, he says, "That's not a punishment. It's a FUN-ishment, because I wanted to go play with my toys anyway."

Me: "Do you know what it means to have your nose in the air?"
Dillon: "What, did they teach you that back in 1966 school?" (I'm surprised he didn't say 1906 school...)

I was explaining to Dillon how the British and the French haven't always gotten along. He suddenly takes on the characteristics of a British man, and with a British accent, holding up an imaginary crumpet, says, "We will fight with our crumpets!!!!" Didn't know he knew what crumpets were or that they were British...

Okay, so maybe Dillon gets some of his silliness from me...I was trying to diffuse the tension when he was really angry one day. When he's mad, he screams. Loudly. And a lot. I said, trying to be silly, "Dillon, when you scream, it makes your freckles cry! Stop screaming!"

He corrects me, "No, when I sweat my freckles cry."

"Mom, sometimes when I have good dreams, ads pop up in the corner. The other day an ad popped up for 'milk--60 cents' and there was another one for 'broccoli--$9.99'."

"If I were a gun, I'd be a hyper-rifle."

This kid cracks me up!