Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Decorations

I put garland in the kitchen for the first time this year.

A wreath with ornaments all handmade by me (back when I had the energy to make lots of handmade Christmas ornaments!) plus German straw ornaments from mom and dad (which look just like Swedish straw ornaments).

A snowman I made. I really like snowmen.

Another snowman ornament I made. I saw this idea somewhere and had to make it!

I wanted a little tree with just white lights and red ornaments and got a great deal on the tree!

I made this snowman with a punch-needle so it's all cute and fuzzy. It's like making a terry cloth towel one loop at a time (= sore hand holding the punch needle). (I designed this, too.) Sometimes I look at stuff like this and wonder how I had the time or the energy to make it. I guess I've been feeling more worn out than usual this year!

Dillon, Sophia, and I made these gingerbread birdhouses one year (a project back from when I taught art classes.) Look closely--it's a wooden birdhouse painted brown and everything else is made from Sculpey. The clear glitter on the gumdrops makes it look like sugar!
For the first Christmas when Eric and I were married, Jan MADE and gave this to us! It's just about an exact replica of the one we had when we were growing up. AND, she made one for Cara and Jason (their first Christmas they were married, too). (Note: the number pockets are kelly green--for some reason they look black here...)

Sophia made this decoration out of Legos!
This is where I relinquish control--there are colored lights, white lights, bubble lights and about a gazillion ornaments (and actually only about 65% of the ornaments we own) on this tree. But it's a happy tree. Oh, and I forgot to trim that top branch before they put on the star.

Aaron made this super awesome tie-fighter Lego ornament (he says to say I took a picture of the back of it. I liked this side best, what can I say?)

Our wooden, non-breakable, kid-friendly nativity.

Our Swedish advent candle holder. One Sunday to go!

Gotta love the Christmas pictures done at home and school by the kids. This is Dillon's door.

The cupcakes Sophia and I made today for Christmas Eve dinner. My candy melt snowflakes are inspired by cousin Jen who can make anything (yes, anything) out of candy melts.
Lastly, our gingerbread houses. We needed a break after the out-of-control gingerbread lighthouse we made last year (see below. It kind of took forever), so I bought a kit last year on sale for this year. Then, 3 months after Christmas, our present from Aunt Barbara finally came out of the blue. It was a gingerbread house kit! Perfect. So we got to make 2 this year (and it was nice and easy and simple...)


The house made by the boys (Eric, Aaron, Dillon).

The house made by the girls (me, Sophia).


  1. Everything is sooo cute! I think the pin snowman and the sweedish advent candles are my favorites. Plus, I must admit I am happy to see gingerbread houses that somewhat resemble our crazy ones - it lets me know you guys are human :)

  2. Wow-I still say you have a lot of energy! I love the cupcakes, legos, and the gingerbread houses. I really like the fake gingerbread house too-I might want to make one of those. And, yes, Jan's advent tree is one of the BEST Christmas presents I've ever received-just like the one we grew up with.


  3. I loved this Christmas post! It was so fun to see what your house looks like at Christmastime. My favorite thing was the miniature Christmas tree with the red ornaments. And next was the cute little punch needle snowman. And I also liked the garland in the kitchen, the Swedish advent candles, and the nativity. Plus, those gingerbread houses were fun to see, including the awesome bird house! Everything was so festive! Merry Christmas you guys! Love you!

  4. I LOVE your decorations!! It's so cozy and friendly and you are very creative! I am impressed!! I hope you take pictures every year it's so fun to see! And tell the kids the Lego decor is the BEST!!

  5. OH MY GOSH, HOW DID I MISS THIS POST?!? Did you really post this a month ago and I not see it?!?! I LOVE EVERYTHING in this post. I don't even know where to begin. Everything is beautiful, and so Christmas-y. Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday!! Those snowflakes on the cupcakes were gorgeous! I can't get over the "gingerbread" birdhouses from wood & sculpey clay. SO CUTE. I also loved the statement about "back when I had the energy to make a lot of ornaments." That is totally me! :)